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02 11, 2020
What is Geriatrics, and what is the geriatric age of patients?
Geriatrics provides healthcare focused on our unique needs as we age. Comprehensive geriatric care includes preventive, diagnostic and treatment services ...
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01 10, 2020
The Essential Things You Should Know About Geriatrics
Geriatric medicine (or geriatrics for short) is a specialty that focuses on the health and disease of elderly people. The ...
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12 17, 2019
Find Out How Senior Volunteers Are Combating Ageism in Health Care
Have you ever felt like a nurse or doctor didn’t listen to you, or failed to give you proper treatment, ...
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05 07, 2019
Why strenuous exercise is great for older adults, too We have somehow developed the mistaken idea that older adults should ...
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04 16, 2019
The top 5 Surprising Benefits of Aging
Have you ever noticed a woman rocking a silver bob and a wrinkled smile, breezing across the street with confidence ...
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02 12, 2019
5 Reasons for older people to start dancing regularly
Geriatrics Strong evidence suggests that dance, regardless of style and dosage, significantly improves older adults’ functional fitness. 5 Reasons for ...
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12 11, 2018
Why you should choose CCG as your trusted health partner for life?
Are you turning 65 and trying to find a great doctor and what insurance is best for you? Call us! ...
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12 05, 2015
Alzheimer’s Disease
Geriatrics: Alzheimer Alzheimer’s disease impacts our patient’s population we served in South Florida. Many of the Baby Boomer generations are ...
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12 05, 2015
Doctor’s visit: Do you know someone that is home bound? Are you having a hard time getting to the doctor? ...
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