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02 12, 2019
5 Reasons for older people to start dancing regularly
Geriatrics Strong evidence suggests that dance, regardless of style and dosage, significantly improves older adults’ functional fitness. 5 Reasons for ...
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02 07, 2019
Regular Check-Ups are Important
Internal Medicine: Regular Chek-Ups It’s time for an Annual Check-Up! Did you schedule an appointment with your health care provider ...
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02 01, 2019
Ways to reduce your cancer risk
Internal medicine: Ways to reduce your cancer risk   Help us spread the word about ways to reduce cancer risk. Please, ...
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12 27, 2018
Internal Medicine: Obesity Modern medicine will go into the annals of medicine as the age of “metabolic disease” or “man-made-disease”. ...
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12 11, 2018
Why you should choose CCG as your trusted health partner for life?
Are you turning 65 and trying to find a great doctor and what insurance is best for you? Call us! ...
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11 05, 2017
About Primary Health Care
What is Primary Health Care? According to The World Health Organization (WHO) Alma-Ata declaration of 1978, Primary Health Care refers ...
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12 05, 2015
Alzheimer’s Disease
Geriatrics: Alzheimer Alzheimer’s disease impacts our patient’s population we served in South Florida. Many of the Baby Boomer generations are ...
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