Graduate Medical Education


CCG is committed to the enhancement of our profession by devoting our time and experience to actively participating in academic endeavors.
As a result, we are fully engaged as core faculty for the internal medicine residency program at Westside regional Medical Center and Northwest Medical Center sponsored by HCA healthcare.

Graduate medical education is beneficial to both trainees and medical faculty in a variety of ways by promoting bi-directional learning in a constant search for data actualization, fact checking, and measurement/development of quality driven procedures and protocols.
The fringed benefits of this relationship exceed any other measure of compensation when engaged in teaching, as the outcomes reflect in the betterment of patient care and standardization of medical practices, which ultimately leads to a solid long lasting growth of our complany as a whole.

Our core values

  • Patient Care
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Practice-based Learning and Improvement
  • Systems-based Practice.

We thank you for allowing our residents to interact with you during your visits, as this carries a tremendous academic value and summarizes the most important objective of our learning experience – “patient care”.
We encourage our patients to feel free to interact and maintain continuity of care with our residents.
When checking out or making appointments you can specify if there is a resident you would prefer to see on your next visit.
We will also appreciate your reviews, being this an important component of our feedback to them.
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