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12 27, 2018


internal medicine obesityInternal Medicine: Obesity

Modern medicine will go into the annals of medicine as the age of “metabolic disease” or “man-made-disease”.
The majority of illnesses that require hospital care and medical treatment are directly or indirectly related to metabolic disorders that branch out from overweight and poor lifestyle.

The American dream is impacting healthcare in negative ways by providing the right environment towards sedentary lifestyle, fast paced work routines, poor food choices, over indulgence, habit forming behaviors, and mood disorders that lead to slow growing conditions that go unnoticed until it becomes too late or too obvious.


obesity cause of dead


cause of obesity

Classification of Obesity

Unfortunately, a One-Size fits all solution does NOT exist.

obesity classification

Myth: “Eat less and burn more”.

The Reality: treatment requires a tailored plan that involves the following steps:

  1. Identification of the problem
  2. Treatment of associated medical conditions (Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Cushing's, Depression, etc)
  3. Analysis of the interventions done and what is left available – the “Next Step”
  4. Promote better understanding of the physiology of obesity.
  5. Forge commitment and motivation towards the goal
  6. Take action in proportion to the problem– lifestyle modification vs pharmacological vs surgical treatment.

internal medicine obesity treatment

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